Book Cover: Wild Untouched
Part of the Tidewater series:
Editions:Kindle: $ 2.99

A Tidewater Novella. Contemporary, Stand alone, HEA.

After two brutal tours in Afghanistan, the military sent Madden home. He’s made ends meet with private security, but the work is unfulfilling, and he’s lonely without his squad around. Determined to take charge of his life again, Madden prepares for a hiking trip in the local mountains to clear his heart and soul.

Unwilling to accept the hand life dealt him, Gage forged his own path as a freelance photographer. His latest assignment has him chasing wildlife in the woods. He loves the challenge of framing the best photo, while hiking and enjoying the fresh air. Until he slides down a gully and breaks his ankle. The welcoming, mysterious forest quickly becomes a nightmare. Gage is alone, and he needs help—immediately.

Madden’s protective instincts kick in the second he spots Gage in trouble. What he finds is even more than he expected: a tough, creative man who never had a chance to open his heart to love. Madden can’t help falling for the photographer. He just needs to convince Gage that the limited time they have before rescue arrives is worth the risk.

Publisher: LoveLight Press