Book Cover: Touch of Innocence
Editions:Kindle: $ 0.99

Bad boys are nothing but trouble...and impossible to resist.

Sam is searching for redemption. After being kicked out of Harvard, he’s working hard in a job he isn’t very good at to earn his way back into school. He doesn’t have time for romance--and the last time he had a crush on a guy, it nearly ruined his life.

Gunner is a bad boy running from an even worse past. When his bike breaks down in a small town in Texas, he’s forced to stop running, at least long enough to meet a gorgeous, bored, too-smart-for-this guy working at the autobody shop. The owner offers him the chance to work for the parts he needs, and Gunner begins to realize that not even the freedom of the open road can replace the need for a home to call his own. Too bad the demons of his past are only a few miles behind...

Publisher: LoveLight Press