Book Cover: To Have and To Hold
Editions:Kindle: $ 3.99

To stay in the only country he’s ever known, he’ll have to open his heart …

Shy, smart, and quiet Ran has always flown below the radar. His goals in life are simple. All he wants is to educate young minds, but just when he’s on the brink of getting his dream job, he finds out that his parents somehow forgot the important step of getting him American citizenship when he was adopted as a baby.

Enter Justin, his best friend, an intense, but chronically underemployed, young man who might just be willing to help Ran out. The solution seems obvious enough.

The surest path to citizenship is marriage, and they’re already best friends, right? It seems to make perfect sense. Ran gets to stay in the country, and Justin gets to keep his best friend.

Everything is working out great until they start to fall in love …

Publisher: LoveLight Press