Book Cover: The Cowboy's Home
Editions:Kindle: $ 0.99

One last chance at love…

When Craig finishes his tour with the military, he’s not sure what’s in store--he even considers signing up again. But news of his father’s illness brings him home, and with home, comes Skyler.

The strange, quiet, surprisingly intense little bookkeeper intrigues Craig and draws him in with forces unknown--even weirder, Skyler, who had thought of himself as homoromantic but fairly asexual, is drawn right back.

Magnetism is powerful but so is fear, and Craig doesn’t want anything tying him down. A push- pull begins that threatens to destroy both of their hearts, but when Craig’s father takes a turn for the worse, he starts to consider what’s really important.

The Cowboy's Home takes place in the same universe as The Cowboy's Secret, and The Cowboy’s Second Chance but can be read as a stand-alone feature.

This 55,000 word gay cowboy romance is full of steamy adults-only scenes and enough country passion to keep you up all night long.

Publisher: LoveLight Press