When does a Single Dad not have any kids? When he’s a single Daddy.

What eternal bachelor and Wall Street mogul Damien wants more than anything is a boy of his own to cherish, but after years of heartbreak, he’s given up hope. No boy will ever love him as much as they love his wallet.

Until he meets his best friend’s son—a young man almost twenty years his junior.

A boy Damien hopes might one day call him Daddy.

Since ending an abusive relationship, single dad Matthew isn’t looking to fall in love… but he can’t deny the way he feels after meeting his dad’s best friend.

Teen dad Matthew is determined to make a life for himself and his daughter, Emily. But when he meets his father’s friend Damien, he can’t help but wonder if he’s not missing the bigger picture.

Where Matthew is timid, Damien is brave.

Where Matthew is shy, Damien’s confidently cocky.

And where Matthew falters, Damien is there to show him the way.

Falling head over heels with so much at stake is a terrible idea, but how can either of them help it when the answer they’ve both been looking for is each other?

Publisher: LoveLight Press