Book Cover: Rough Recall
Part of the Tidewater series:
Editions:Kindle: $ 2.99

Zach left small town Edenburg twenty years ago. He got out, went to school in Tidewater, started a business, and never forgot his first love, Mason Gilbert. When he hears Mason's mother has died of a stroke, he drops everything to help his best friend get through it. But Zach left for a reason.

Since Zach abandoned him, Mason has managed to make a small space for himself. He hides his sexuality and, in return, no one brings it up. It's a system that works just fine until his past comes charging back in an off-white Bronco to save the day. Mason doesn't need saving and Zach's unwanted protection is unraveling the life he made.

Tidewater sent Zach back to Mason when Mason needed him most, but Mason is losing clients and credibility. People are choosing sides. Zach thought he was coming back for happily ever after, but he's starting to feel like the big bad wolf.

Publisher: LoveLight Press