Book Cover: One More Try
Editions:Kindle: $ 2.99

Ghosts from the past could destroy their second chance at love.

Shattered memories…
When web developer Rhy moved in with his adorable artist boyfriend Mason, he thought his life was perfect. Until the panic attacks started again. Now, Rhy is on his own, struggling to come to terms with his childhood demons—his parents’ rejection and the rift with his brother and sister.

Broken dreams…
Mason is willing to give Rhy the space to heal, but misses his boyfriend terribly. To help fill the empty house, Mason adopts a puppy—a black lab, like he and Rhy had talked about as they sat by the fireplace planning their future. Mason is sure he could help take away the pain if only Rhy would let him.

Looming threat…
Rhy knows that hiding will only worsen his condition. As he tries to do right by Mason, the parents Rhy thought he’d never see again stumble back into his life. He’s forced to confront them to protect what’s left of his family. Will he find the strength to overcome his wounds? Or is he too damaged to ever become the man Mason needs?

Publisher: LoveLight Press