True love is almost never convenient…

Playboy Lance and his best friend Ken are shocked when their band manager demands they start a fake relationship--the Lost Boys are an all-queer boyband, and Lance’s public dates with women are ruining their image--but they’re willing to give it a try. After all, anything for the band, right? It’s just PR.

Enter Jamie, stage right. Auditioning to fill an empty slot in the Lost Boys, Jamie is like no one Lance has ever met before. He’s supposed to be dating Ken in public, but all he wants is their newest addition, alone, in secret, undressed…

Lance and Jamie both have enough baggage for a lifetime, and the paparazzi surround them 24/7--not to mention a band manager with an eye for trouble. Can an inconvenient attraction ever turn into something more, and if it does, will the band survive it?

Publisher: LoveLight Press