Book Cover: Let's Jam
Editions:Kindle: $ 4.99Paperback: $ 11.99

Gayle has been in love with her team captain, Shelly, for two years. She knows nothing can ever come of it—captain and player can’t be together. Gayle keeps quiet about her feelings, even when she realizes that Shelly touches everyone else, but never her.

But then Shelly proposes a one-night stand. Gayle would do anything to be with Shelly; she’s not about to object. That one night is perfect, but Gayle’s feelings are only stronger afterward.

Gayle can’t stop thinking about Shelly, and Shelly is treating her just like any other player. The tension between them may be one-sided, but it still won’t calm down.

What they need is a few minutes alone again… just a few minutes when the pull between them is

Publisher: LoveLight Press