Book Cover: Lenus
Part of the Elsewhere series:
Editions:Kindle: $ 2.99

At only twenty-one, and practically a virgin, Alex is in no hurry to settle down. He’d like to work his way through ALL the hunky men and not necessarily only one at a time.
However, he's also envious of his friends who’ve built magical relationships with alpha males from other lands. Alex would like to meet his soulmate too, eventually.

Cocky and sure of himself. Ryan is hot, sexy, and ten years older. He’s an arrogant landowner who won’t listen to reason or crazy arguments about protecting the forest.
And there's far more to gorgeous Ryan than meets the eye. A mysterious family background fuels his irrational motives.

Development around the small town of Beaumont threatens the woods with destruction. Alex is the only full-time resident who knows the danger in the forest. It's all too easy for someone to slip through to another dimension and disappear from our world completely.

When Alex tries to bargain with Ryan, things go very wrong...over and over again. Mistakes stack up and spiral out of control.

Publisher: LoveLight Press