Book Cover: Knock Me Down
Editions:Kindle: $ 4.99

When Tara becomes the captain of Monstrous Regiment, her roller derby team, she is determined to do absolutely everything right. She’ll make sure the team trains not only hard, but intelligently. It’s her job to get them strong, tight, and skilled.

It’s also her job to fill the audience so that the derby league can continue to run. When a reporter, Val, calls offering to do a story on the team, Tara jumps at the chance for free advertising. From their phone conversations, she knows Val is sassy and smart. She doesn’t expect her to be so gorgeous.

Tara is afraid of giving in to her feelings—Val is her complete opposite, flitting from job to job and refusing to worry about such petty things as deadlines and schedules. And she has the team to focus on. But Tara didn’t get where she is by hiding in the shadows. Can she step up, bare her heart, and get everything she’s ever dreamed of—or are all her efforts doomed to fail?

Publisher: LoveLight Press