Book Cover: Kissing a Fool
Part of the I'm Your Man series:
Editions:Kindle: $ 2.99

Mason's life isn't going quite the way he planned. He's taken a job at his mother's real estate brokerage to pay the bills, and he wants to prove he can make a success of it. So he's thrilled when the owner of a high-end mountain cabin hires him for what promises to be a big commission. It doesn't hurt that Rhy is ruggedly handsome and good with his hands—in more ways than one. Despite the heat that instantly sparks between them, Mason's mom wouldn't approve of him mixing business with pleasure, and he's always been one to follow the rules. When a snowstorm forces him to bunk with Rhy for the weekend, he's not sure he can resist temptation.

The last thing Rhy wants is to sell the cabin he inherited from his grandfather. It's his only tie to what's left of his family. But the isolation is getting to him, and he needs to move to a place closer to town. When he spots Mason's photo in a local LGBT business directory, he knows he's found his man—or at least his real estate agent. The guy is just as gorgeous in person, with his clean-cut looks and soulful puppy-dog eyes. Rhy can't say he's sorry when the guy gets stranded at his place. He's happy for the company, and wouldn't mind if they ended the weekend as more than friends.

But despite a stolen kiss, Mason wants to keep their relationship businesslike. Rhy isn't sure he can deal with much more rejection—not after what happened with his parents. Mason's optimistic nature is just what Rhy needs to awaken from the heavy sadness that's blanketed him since the loss of his grandfather, the one person on earth he could truly rely on. Can Rhy convince Mason to give them a shot? Or is Rhy a fool to hope for love?

Publisher: LoveLight Press