Book Cover: His Command: The Complete Series
Part of the His Command series:
Editions:Kindle: $ 9.99

Includes five bonus epilogues never before published!

Welcome to The Shepherd, where your darkest desires are our utmost delight. Follow the lives of ten broken men as they couple off and find true love in each other. This collection includes all five books of the His Command series, and features five bonus epilogues never before published—one for each book.

Obey: Omega rehabilitation counselor Owen doesn’t need an alpha in his life... but that doesn’t stop Crawford from giving him his collar.

Beg: Recently liberated from omega rehabilitation therapy, Lucian’s only just learned to say “No.” It’s too bad that night after night, Marcus makes him whimper, “Yes!”

Stay: When an accidental pregnancy forces troubled omega Adrian to bond with Sterling, the alpha he hates, the arguments aren’t the only thing bound to get hot.

Heal: Broken omega Gabriel needs an alpha to hold him together, to love him, and to give him a family... and professional Dom Cedric just might be the man for the job.

Breathe: When a scorching online relationship leads to an unexpected pregnancy, Oli has to decide whether Marshall’s terrible secret is something he can shoulder, or if he’s better off alone.

Publisher: LoveLight Press