Book Cover: Headway
Part of the The Fire Before Us series:
Editions:Paperback: $ 2.99

Scar (n.): The seam where two pieces were joined together.

Asher Danes turned his back on orchestral music after a bus accident left him in physical rehabilitation for sixteen months, finding his own voice as an alt-rock musician under the Hyperienne Media record label. Now Hyperienne’s hungry for another hit and throwing resources at him, even renting out the whole of Boston’s Sullivan Studio as a workspace for him – demanding only that he produce, and quickly.

But all Asher wants is to explore his burgeoning relationship with Sullivan Studio’s earnest young sound tech Silas St. Clare – and after dancing around each other for weeks, it’s clear that something real and special has taken root between them. But with the label’s patience rapidly dwindling, will the delicate thing growing between them have the chance to flower before time runs out?

Publisher: LoveLight Press