Book Cover: Gravity
Part of the Love and Second Chances series:
Editions:Kindle: $ 2.99

A love like a force of nature. A second chance. Their last chance.

I was drawn to Caroline from the day we met, but we overwhelmed each other’s lives.
Caroline consumed me.
Her beauty, her vivacious light, her deep red hair, her… everything.
I wasn’t ready to deal with the intensity of our relationship and my own feelings for her, so I forced myself to walk away.
I regretted it and I still do.
Without her, it was as though my world was drained of colour and life.
I’ll always regret leaving her and losing the love we shared. I’ll always miss her whirlwind presence in my life.
Unless I get her back, and convince her to take a chance on me one last time.

I’m not good at relationships. They don’t work out; not for me. My first and only true love left me.
My other relationships since then have been mere imitations of what I had with her. Reminders that she’s still inside me, making me want her.
Ten years have passed.
Easy years? No.
Healthy years? No.
But now I’m a better me. A healthier me.

I lost myself in love once, and I can’t do that again.
I have a new life. I have new balance.
And now… I have her. Ivy’s back in my life. Just like that; delivered on a sunbeam.
I mustn’t lose myself again. Not like before, but I'll take a chance on love again if it's for Ivy.

Publisher: LoveLight Press

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