Book Cover: Finding Adam
Editions:Kindle: $ 2.99

"I never expected to find someone like you."

"I need to know who I am on my own."

Adam Grant is ready to take charge of his own life. Instead of the corporate internship his wealthy, controlling father secured for him, he's going to spend the summer working in the mountains of British Columbia. He'll be outside his comfort zone and beyond the reach of his father's influence, the perfect environment to find himself. But he'll find something else while he's there, too... love.

"I don't rely on anyone but myself. I can't afford to."

Jase Miller expects life to let him down. Fighting against odds that have always been stacked against him, he's learned some valuable lessons. Don't trust anyone. Keep your feelings hidden. Look out for yourself first. But stuck in close quarters with a new trainee up on the mountain, Jase is about to find out that there are some things he still has yet to learn.

"We're better together... no matter what they throw at us."

Each man will have his world turned upside down, but when outside forces work to tear them apart, can they trust in the love they've found to pull them through?

Publisher: LoveLight Press