Book Cover: Fever of the Fox
Part of the The Kitsune Chronicles series:
  • Fever of the Fox
Editions:Paperback: $ 2.99

Tai Murata's dream is to be the next valedictorian in her class at Harington University, and thanks to her hard work that goal is finally within her grasp. With everything going her way she feels able at last to summon the courage to admit her true feelings to her best friend and room-mate Jessa.

Jessa Conway is a free-spirited girl who's ready to graduate and find out where the wind takes her. She's desperate to escape the town she grew up in and the thought of getting stuck there terrifies her. Drawn to Tai in ways she cannot explain, her need to run is at odds with her desire to stay at Tai's side.

As Tai turns twenty-one something buried deep within her is unleashed: something powerful and animalistic which threatens to tear them both asunder. Together the girls begin a search for the answers which should help Tai rein in the ancient beast which begs to be set free, but the beast is cunning, wily, and has no wish to be tamed...

Publisher: LoveLight Press