Book Cover: Falling for Him
Editions:Kindle: $ 0.99

Last summer, they fell for each other at the carnival...a year later, can love survive autumn’s chill?

Taylor takes life too seriously. He lives for his little sister, Danica, who despite her poor health still manages to remind him to smile. Secretly, he longs for adventure, but he could never leave his family and his small town. When the local fair brings a taste of fun, Taylor finds he can’t help but go back for more.

Dane doesn’t have a home. He follows the carnival wherever it goes, running the rides, traveling from town to town. He’s been a drifter ever since he was kicked out of his house for being gay. But this year, this town, something is different. There’s someone from his past that might just give him a good reason to stay.

Publisher: LoveLight Press