Book Cover: Endurance
Editions:Kindle: $ 2.99

“There was a heart-stopping moment when I didn’t know what was going to happen.”
Jaxon has endured two years of agony. Physical pain while recovering from the crash that killed his family and mental anguish from knowing it was his fault. If he hadn't come out as gay, maybe it would all be different.

He has one more momentous decision left in him: to break away from his overprotective aunt and uncle. He's going to cycle across America. And if it kills him? Well, maybe that's for the best.

“I let myself enjoy each and every exquisite tingle of sensation in my body.”
Matt’s given up everything for love. The training, the camaraderie, the intense competition and all that make him an Ironman triathlete. But when his girlfriend dumps him just as he’s about to propose, he flees back to his familiar past, knowing that grueling activity is the best cure for his broken heart.

An irresistible offer soon sends him cycling four thousand miles across America — a support, guide, and safety net for a damaged young man who is trouble, attraction, and potential disaster rolled into one scarred but delicious body.

“He wants me, he wants me not …”
One summer. Thrown together by challenge and commitment. Tension and chemistry rise as both men struggle with the demons within and the danger from outside.

How can their love last, when neither dares tell the other how he feels? Or when they finally say goodbye, will it be forever?

Publisher: LoveLight Press