Book Cover: Darcy Does Dallas
Editions:Kindle: $ 2.99

Ten years ago, his first love betrayed him. Is a spark still left among the ashes?

CEO Will Darcy has spent the past decade putting thoughts of George Wickham out of his mind. His childhood friend grew up to be a drunk and a compulsive gambler, wasting every opportunity Will’s father had given him. A business trip to Dallas brings up old memories of the heat between them, but Will is over that heartbreak. He’s got a corporate merger to wrap up. There’s no time to wallow in thoughts of what might have been.

George Wickham has no idea of the secret merger planned between his company and Pemberley Industries—not until a colleague’s emergency brings George onto the transition team. Without warning, he’s in face-to-face negotiations with the only man he ever loved. The man he let down so completely, forgiveness is impossible. Behind the anger in Will’s soulful dark eyes, could a hint of desire still burn?

When they’re forced to work together for the good of their companies, the emotions that bubble up in the boardroom soon overflow into the bedroom. Is this just a fling to sate their carnal impulses? Or can they learn to trust again?

Publisher: LoveLight Press

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