Book Cover: A Vampire's Destiny
Editions:Paperback: $ 3.99

What happens when fate calls your name? Especially, if that fate includes a strikingly handsome stranger, who just happens to be a...vampire.

Patrick never thought he'd meet his soul mate when he'd agreed to go out to a club with his friend. It was a tired scene, and no one seemed worth his attention. That is, until he tried to leave, but found himself unable to move once he saw the gorgeous stranger approach him. He wasn't even gay. What was happening to him?

Justin hated the club scene too. Yet, that night, he felt compelled to go there, and once he saw Patrick, he couldn't leave his side. Perhaps it was going to be a one-night stand. But the night of passion turned into so much more, and Justin was faced with the reality of his unusual heritage...

As the two young lovers discover the fruits of their union, will their burgeoning feeling help them withstand all the unexpected obstacles? Are they prepared for the future, now that the two of them will soon become three?

Publisher: LoveLight Press