LoveLight Press is a collaborative effort. Our authors all self-publish, and therefore retain 100% of their earned royalties, but benefit from the knowledge of the more established members of the team, who help them find editors, proofreaders, and cover designers – and will cover the costs of those services so that new authors don’t face an often insurmountable barrier to selling their first books.

We don’t believe that authors should find hundreds of dollars down the back of the couch to pay for services they would be able to afford if – ironically – they could sell their book. We also don’t believe that publishers should retain the lion’s share of an author’s profit for years to come after investing what is effectively a one-off cost per book.

If our authors make back the money that we have invested in them, we ask that they pay it forward and help another struggling new author in the future. Those authors who have found success with us are keen to help others.

Our authors are fresh new talents, mostly LGBT+ themselves, with powerful stories to tell. Those whose voices are usually silenced are welcomed here.

The only gatekeeper which matters to us is the reader.